News as at 16 May 2011

The Puzzle Expedition DS Walkthrough is a comprehensive step by step fully illustrated easy to follow guide for this challenging game

The 90 levels include 33 double screen levels

Extra Challenges

The extra challenges invite players to solve certain levels differently based on the specified criteria provided for each challenge

These challenges are still being added

Latest Updates

Egypt 16 has again been added by after the Blogger meltdown

Atlantis 03 has been added by request (with an extra challenge)

Alaska 09 has been added by request

Cambodia 09 has been added by request

Bonus 05 has been added (with an extra challenge)

Using the Walkthrough

An instruction to push a block nearly to a wall or an obstacle means to leave one space between the block and the wall or the obstacle

An instruction to push a block all the way means to push the block as far as it can be pushed in the direction indicated

Any reference to a block specifically refers to a basic standard block while other block types are referred to by their full name

Unless otherwise specified, any reference to a switch or other mechanism refers to the mechanism that is closest to the character

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